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SR22 is not insurance. It’s a state mandated filing called an SR22 form. It gets filed by your insurance company, showing proof that you are maintaining car insurance liability coverage.  Get your quote and policy today!

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What is SR22 Insurance?

SR22 is not insurance.  So what is SR22 insurance? It’s a state mandated Certificate of Financial Responsibility (CFR) filing called an SR22 Form. Verification is required to prove that you’re maintaining car insurance liability coverage.  The SR-22 form is filed by your car insurance carrier with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  If you need to file this form in Texas, we represent many top-rated insurance companies who offer same day filing, however, if you need to file an SR22 in another state, as an authorized Progressive SR22 Insurance agent, we can file an SR22 for you in any state. Our local SR22 Insurance Austin Texas Agent will help you find the best plan and rate to get you back on the road.SR22 Insurance Progressive SR22 Insurance Quote - SR22 Insurance Progressive

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Who needs an SR22 Form?

  • When you can’t show financial responsibility after an accident or if you get pulled over for a DWI (or DUI) offense, you are usually required to file an SR22 form.  Furthermore, if you have repeat traffic offenses, the state may require the filing.
  • Perhaps you received too many tickets in a short period of time or have a revoked or suspended license which results in obtaining an occupational license.
  • Or were caught driving without insurance on more than one occasion?

How Much does an SR22 cost?

  • The cost for an SR22 probably depends mostly on your driving record.
  • Age
  • Where you live and other factors
  • It’s basically the cost of car insurance plus the SR22 filing fee, or surcharges
  • Read More about Austin SR22 costs

If you need an SR22:

  • You need to purchase a car insurance policy.
  • Start with Multiple Quotes: Get SR22 Insurance Austin
  • If you don’t own a car, you need to purchase a non-owners insurance policy.
  • Your rates will more than likely reflect that risk.
  • Let your agent know if you need a Texas filing or out of state filing.

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Nonowners SR22 Insurance

In some cases an SR22 may need to be filed by a person who doesn’t own a vehicle. This type of insurance is called SR22 insurance.  In Texas Progressive SR22 nonowners insurance is only available to drivers who do not own a vehicle or who do not have regular access to a vehicle. Read about SR22 Fraud.

Compare Progressive SR22 Insurance Rates

Shop around and compare insurance rates with at least 3 companies, but remember, that the cheapest SR22 insurance quote may not be the best insurance. As a result, the things to consider include:

  • the company’s rating
  • customer service
  • claims handling
  • reliability
  • and of course, a local agent with experience
  • Let Austin Insurance Group compare rates with multiple companies, saving you time and money.

What happens if you move to another state and have to file an SR22?

  1. If you have an SR-22 in one state but move to another, you will need to complete the SR22 requirements for your former state.
  2. We can file your SR22 for any state.
  3. Your new liability limits will need to meet the minimum limits required by law in your former state.

How long do I need to keep an SR22?

  • Many states require a 3 year filing, but each case is different
  • During that time, continuous coverage is mandatory
  • If there is an insurance cancellation or lapse, your car insurance company is legally obligated to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles.  Your license will be suspended.

How can I avoid having to file and SR-22?

SR22s can be complicated and expensive, in additional, you can avoid having to have an SR22 form filing by keeping your car insurance current and by practicing safe driving.

Texas SR22 Insurance – Financial Responsibility

  • According to the Safety Responsibility or Evidence of Financial Responsibility law, persons whose driving privilege has been suspended or revoked are required to file and maintain a Form SR22 with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS).
  • Form SR22 insurance is usually mandatory for a minimum period of two (2) years from the date of conviction.
  • Check with the DPS for your Texas SR22 Auto Insurance filing requirements.
  • Read more about Texas Sr22 auto insurance.

Frequently Asked ?s: FAQs About SR22s

Useful reminders:

Drive safe. While too many moving violations can significantly increase your car insurance premiums, being required to file an SR22 form will most likely cost you even more.

Don’t drink and drive. Since DWIs and DUIs are the most common reasons for filing an SR-22 certificate, never drink and drive. DWI in Texas.

Don’t drive without insurance. Finally, if you don’t have car insurance and you’re pulled over, you’ll be required to prove financial responsibility by way of an SR-22.  In addition, when you are required to have an SR22 it will end up being more costly than if you would have bought insurance in the first place.  Ultimately, the best advice we have for you is to never drive without insurance.

“Stay Insured and Drive carefully!”

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