Frequently Asked ?s: FAQs About SR22s

Frequently Asked Questions? (FAQs about SR22s)

Get the FAQs about SR22s then get an instant quote online, or contact our local agent for details. The following answers apply to our clients who get insurance through our office with Progressive.

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  1. What is an SR22 filing? “Certificate filed with DMV.”
  2. How much will an SR22 cost? “Depends on your record.”
  3. How long does it take to get SR 22 insurance? “Instantly.”
  4. What if my license is suspended? “No problem.”
  5. Can I get same day coverage for a Progressive SR22? “Yes!”
  6. What if I need an SR22 filed in another state? “We can file it.”
  7. How can I avoid an SR22? “Keep your insurance current.”
  8. How long do you have to have an sr22?
    This answer varies from state to state. However, SR-22s are commonly required for 2-3 years. “Each situation is different.”
  9. Where do I get an SR22? “From your local insurance agent.”
  10. What is the penalty for failure to maintain an SR22? “Fines and license suspension.”
  11. What are my responsibilities during the filing term? “Do not let your insurance lapse.”
  12. What happens if my insurance and SR22 gets cancelled? “You may have to start all over.”
  13. What happens when I no longer need the SR22? “Simply cancel the filing, not your insurance.”
  14. If I don’t own a car, how can I get an SR22? “With a non-owners insurance policy.”
  15. Can an insurance card or insurance policy be accepted toward the requirement of filing the SR22? “NO!”

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