Progressive Snapshot Guide

Progressive Snapshot Guide

Use our Progressive Snapshot Guide to see if you can save money on your auto insurance.

The fair way to pay for car insurance. Your safe driving habits can help you save on car insurance.  Snapshot fits into your car’s OBD-II port.

Snapshot Progressive

Progressive Snapshot – This little device turns your safe driving into savings

Save up to 20% with Progressive Snapshot Guide!

SIGN UP > Get a quote and then choose if you want to use the Snapshot mobile app or plug-in device.

Progressive Snapshot Guide - Get A Quote

DRIVE > For each trip you take, Snapshot notes information like the distance, time of day and how you drive, including any hard brakes.

SAVE > Driving reports are online or in the app, so you can log in anytime to see the latest. When you’re all finished, we’ll send you an email.

Big Discounts for Good Drivers

Snapshot® personalizes your rate based on your ACTUAL driving. The safer you drive, the more you save.

Is Snapshot a Good Fit?

  • Do you drive the vehicle less than 16,000 miles per year?   
  • Do you rarely drive between midnight and 4am? 
  • Do you drive in heavy traffic less than 70% of the time? 
  • Are you a safe driver? 
If you answered Yes to all of these questions:

Snapshot would be a good fit.

If you answered mostly Yes:

Snapshot MAY be good fit.

If you answered No to all of these questions:

Snapshot would not be a good fit.

It just makes sense—insurance should be based partly on how you actually drive, rather than just on traditional factors like where you live and what kind of car you have.

That’s what it’s is all about. Your safe driving habits can help you save on car insurance. It’s as simple as that.  Read more in our Progressive Snapshot Guide.

Progressive Auto Insurance - Authorized AgentProgressive Snapshot

What is Snapshot?
Typically, car insurance rates are based on a variety of factors related to your driving history or the histories of drivers who are similar to you.  Snapshot prices your insurance differently and personalizes your insurance rate based on your actual driving (called usage-based insurance). The better you drive, the more you can save, and it’s free to participate.

How much does it cost to enroll in Snapshot?
It’s free to enroll.*

How will I get a discount?
For each vehicle that is enrolled in Snapshot, you can earn up to 20%. The discount is based on three factors.  We measure a variety of factors related to your driving, including:

  1. number of miles you drive
  2. time of day you drive
  3. sudden changes in speed (hard brakes and rapid accelerations)

Driving less, driving safe and driving during safer times of the day, could earn you a discount.  Progessive will apply final discount, if earned, at your first renewal.   If there are significant changes to your policy, you may be asked to take a new snapshot of your driving.

Most  Snapshot customers earn a discount based on their safe driving; however, riskier driving based on these factors indicate a greater likelihood of being in an accident and may result in a higher rate at renewal.

What is the benefit of participating in Snapshot?
You can gain a discount, but the rate will not increase based on information collected from the device.

How does it work?
The discount is based on the data that is collected by the Snapshot device. As soon as the device is installed, you can track your discount online.

Is there a minimum discount?
Customers may earn a discount ranging from 0 to 20%. Some customers may not qualify for a discount based on their driving habits.

Is there a fee for Snapshot?
There is no fee to enroll.  However, if the device is not returned, either at renewal or after opting out of the program, Progressive will charge a $50 fee.

Adding Snapshot

Can a customer add Snapshot in the middle of a policy?
Yes.  You can enroll  at at any time or call customer service.

You can enroll in the  Snapshot program online at the time you purchase your policy or by calling  Progressive.

Opting Out

When is it a good idea for a customer to opt out?
After enrolling, if you do not install the device in your vehicle, or simply change your mind, at this point, you should opt-out.

You can opt out at any time. However, you may lose your participation discount and any chance to earn a discount based on your driving habits. Also, if you opt out more than 45 days after you sign up, you may get a surcharge when it’s time to renew your policy.

Once installed, you may opt out at any time, but will not receive any potential discount going forward. You will go back to a regular Progressive rate.

When opting out, the device must be returned  either in the postage-paid box it was mailed in, or in a return envelope that will be provided upon request.  Progressive will charge a $50 fee, if the device is not returned.


Can you track your driving record?
Yes.  While the Snapshot device is installed, you can access your driving data on to see how your driving behavior is affecting your discount with up-to-the-minute data.  When you log in with your user name and password, you will just click on the appropriate policy, then click “discounts and programs” at the top of the page.  Once there, you can click on Snapshot in the list of available discounts.

Progressive Snapshot Discount

Common Questions

How do I get the device?
In seven to ten days after enrolling, you will receive a details, along with the device, on where to plug it into your car. Then you’ll drive as you normally would to take your driving snapshot.  Whether you purchased a  Progressive policy or signed up for our 30-day trial, you will receive your device in the mail within seven to 10 days.

Can I enroll multiple vehicles in Snapshot?
Yes, you can.  Once you enroll your vehicles, you will receive one for each car enrolled.

When do I install the device?
As soon as you get it in the mail.  Snapshot will not work until the device is installed.

How do I install the device?
Once you get your device in the mail, plug it in to your car’s diagnostic port; it’s located under the driver’s side dashboard of most cars. Every device comes with instructions and pictures to help you. See exactly where Snapshot plugs into your car. Complete instructions come with the device.  If you have trouble installing the device, or it’s uncomfortable for you to reach the port, please ask someone for help. Then drive as you normally would to take your snapshot.

How do I know the device is working?
After starting your car, simply look for a blinking light on the device. If you don’t see one, unplug the device, review installation details and then plug it back in. If you still don’t see a blinking light, please call us at 877-329-7283.

What type of driving reports can I view?
When you log in  to your policy online, you can:

  • Review a specific trip
  • Get an overview of your driving habits
  • Track your driving by time of day or day of the week

Is the device compatible with my car?
The device is compatible with most cars model year 1996 or newer.  Some aren’t compatible with the Snapshot device, including vehicles older than 1996, which do not have the diagnostic port that’s required for you to use the device.

What if I don’t install the device?
If you do not install the device after 45 days, you must mail the device back to Progressive in the postage-paid box that it came in. Make sure you save the box.

Can I change my mind after I’ve signed up for Snapshot?
Yes, you can cancel at any time, and afterward, your driving data will not be used to determine your insurance rate. (Note: Alabama customers are an exception to that rule).

What happens if the device is unplugged?
To get the proper discount, the device should never be unplugged. If a mechanic or emissions technician (where applicable) temporarily removes the device for a diagnostic check, you should plug it back in immediately upon completion. If the device is not transmitting data due to being unplugged, you may risk losing your potential discount. If the device is accidently unplugged, Progressive will notice the data transmissions have stopped and will send you an email notice.

How can I tell if I’m on target for a discount or can my rates go up based on my driving?
You can go to your Snapshot page on to observe your driving behavior. You can see if you are on track to earn a discount.

What information is tracked?
The Snapshot device monitors how, how much, and when you drive.  See the terms and conditions included with the Snapshot package, also available online, for more information.

Does the device include GPS tracking?
No. The device only tracks data on how, how much, and when you drive using data collected from the vehicle’s onboard diagnostic system.

What if a vehicle with  Snapshot gets in an accident?
We won’t use  Snapshot data for claims purposes unless you say it’s ok or we receive a court order like a subpoena. See the Snapshot Terms and Conditions for more information.

How can I improve my discount with Snapshot?
Safe habits like these will improve your discount potential:

  • Gentle Braking
  • Driving fewer miles than the average driver in your state
  • Minimizing driving during peak hours or between midnight and 4am

Will Progressive share Snapshot data with anyone else?
We won’t share your data with a third party unless it’s required to service your insurance policy, prevent fraud, perform research or comply with the law.  We also won’t use Snapshot data to resolve a claim unless you or the registered vehicle owner gives us permission.

What information does the Snapshot device collect?
The Snapshot device collects:

  • Time of day and vehicles speed, which helps determine how many miles you drive and how often you make sudden stops
  • When the device is connected and disconnected from the vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number (ViN)

The Snapshot device does not contain GPS technology or track vehicle location.  It also doesn’t track whether you are exceeding the speed limit.

When is the rate change applied?
We’ll apply any discounts you earned the next time your policy renews. If you’re signing up now, that means in about six months.

How long does Progressive keep the driving information I submit?
To meet our legal obligations to state departments of insurance, we keep information from Snapshot for the time we determine is required by law.  Then, we’ll remove personally identifiable information and keep the generic data.

Who do I call for more information?
Call our Progressive local agent at (512)339-2901.

Want to try it before you switch, ask about our Test Drive for a 30-day trial.

What is the 30-day trial?
If you’re not quite ready to switch your insurance today, you can sign up for a trial. That way, you can see how much you could save before you get your Progressive policy. There’s no obligation to buy at the end. Read our Progressive Snapshot guide then call our local agent.

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