Progressive Snapshot Test Drive

Take the Progressive Snapshot Test Drive, then decide if you want to switch

Take the Progressive Snapshot Test Drive for 30 days for an opportunity to earn up to a 30% discount on your auto insurance based on your safe driving habits.


    Preview your projected discount after plugging in the Snapshot device, and watch as it evolves based on your latest driving.


    See how often you slam on the brakes, how many miles you drive each day, and more.


    Discover the best driver in your household … and shout it out to your social networks!

  • See SAVINGS!

    See your personalized Progressive rate and decide if you want to switch your insurance.

The better YOU drive, the more savings YOU get! Here’s how Snapshot works.

Here is how Snapshot Works

If you choose to switch, any discount you earn during the test drive can be applied to a new Progressive policy.

Enroll in the Progressive Snapshot Test Drive today.


Simply provide your name, address, vehicle information and an email address.

  1. We’ll send you a Snapshot device in the mail.
  2. You plug it into your car (it’s easy!) and drive normally for 30 days.
  3. Preview your savings — up to 30% — and decide if you want to switch.

Ready to Switch Today?

Skip the trial and start Snapshot as a Progressive customer. See what you could save on top of our already low rates. Quote & Start Saving