Progressive Snapshot Discount

Progressive Snapshot Discount

You deserve to save more. Now you can with the Progressive Snapshot Discount.

With our Progressive Snapshot Discount you can turn your good driving into huge savings.

Over $70 million already saved with Snapshot.

Here’s how it works:

  • Enroll online when you quote and buy your car policy.
  • We’ll mail your Snapshot device to plug into your car.
  • Drive as you normally do, we’ll track your good driving habits.
  • Your auto insurance rate won’t go up – you could save up to 30%!*
  • Read more Snapshot in our Quick Progressive Snapshot Guide

The better you drive, the more you save with our Progressive Snapshot Discount, our revolutionary usage-based insurance program. Sign up today during your auto quote, and we’ll send you everything you need to start saving.

Plug in.     The Snapshot device plugs easily into your car’s diagnostic port (usually below the steering column) and automatically keeps track of your good driving.

Drive.     Drive like you usually do for 30 days and go online to see your projected savings, as well as:

  • how often you slam on the brakes;
  • how many miles you drive;
  • and how often you drive between midnight and 4 a.m.

Get a personalized rate.     Any Snapshot discount you earn kicks in immediately. So, you can start saving right away! Then, you’ll stay plugged in for five more months to set your ongoing renewal discount.

Why not try it?    Switch to Progressive today and start Snapshot as a customer. Or, take a 30-day test drive first; then, decide if you want to switch. Either way, Snapshot is free, and it won’t increase your Progressive rate.  Call our local agent today for more information.