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Texas Metlife Insurance Office
Moving? Find a Local Texas Metlife Insurance Office Whether you just moved to Texas, or moved across town, we are here to help.  We can provide insurance coverage for your car, home, life, or business.  With Texas MetLife Insurance Auto & Home we offer superior insurance products filled with features […]

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Metlife Home Insurance
MetLife Home Insurance MetLife home insurance offers a variety of homeowners insurance options to ensure protection to policyholders’ homes and their belongings inside. These coverages include Coverage for the Contents of the Home, Property Damage Protection,  Court Fees and Liability Coverage. MetLife also offers superior 24/7 claims services to best fit […]

Metlife Home Insurance

“Building Ordinance or Law — 50% of Coverage A. What is “Coverage A” and what is the amount?  My current policy simply identifies $5k for the coverage. How does your policy differ, if at all?  Uncertain what the coverage  actually is…”— S.L. (Austin, Texas) 3/18/16 * * * What is […]

Ask Austin Insurance Group: Building Ordinance or Law

Named Peril Insurance
All Risk Insurance vs. Named Peril Policies What is the difference between all risk insurance policy and named peril policies?  Read more to find out the difference and why we recommend the all risk home insurance policy. From Ask an Agent “I highly appreciate your offer to assist clarifying home insurance for […]

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Texas Home Insurance
Texas Home Insurance Costs Vs. Other US States The suburbs are often a first choice for homeowners who want to work in the city while maintaining a backyard and plenty of space.  But what are the Texas Home Insurance Costs to live in the suburbs? As it turns out, you could […]

Texas Home Insurance Costs Vs. Other US States

Cheap Home Insurance
Cheap Home Insurance is Not Always the Best Choice You may be able to purchase cheap home insurance online directly with an insurance company, you may be able to purchase it with your mortgage company, a local bank or a wholesale club, but they may not always know about all of […]

Cheap Home Insurance

All Risk Insurance
Which is Better? All-risk or Named Peril? Al-lrisk insurance or a named peril insurance policy, which is better in a given situation? Basically, insurance companies write two types of policies for homeowners and small businesses: named peril and all risk (all-risk is also known as an open peril policy or a comprehensive). What’s […]

All-Risk Insurance vs. Named Peril Policy: What is the difference?

Texas Home Insurance - No Trampolines
Texas Home Insurance Trampolines Before you buy a trampoline, here are some facts you should know about Texas home insurance trampolines. 1. Trampolines are dangerous. Insurance companies do not want to insure a homeowner that owns a trampoline, because they are dangerous.  If you own one, you should consider getting […]

Texas Home Insurance – Trampolines