Texas Homeowner Endorsements

Texas Homeowner Endorsements (Extra Coverage)

If you want to add more coverage to your homeowner insurances, you might be able to add a homeowner endorsement to your policy.

Some of the most common endorsements increase coverage for jewelry, fine arts, or camera equipment. Other common endorsements provide coverage for damage that may not have been included in your policy, or excluded.

The following are common Texas Homeowner endorsements you should consider adding to your policy:

  • Backup of sewers or drains. Pays for damage caused by drain or sewer  backup.
  • Damage to foundation or slabs. Pays to repair a slab or foundation up to certain limits.
  • Extended or additional dwelling replacement coverage. Pays up to a certain amount in the event your policy doesn’t pay enough to rebuild your home.
  • Law or ordinance coverage.Pays if repair costs are higher because of local building ordinances or codes.
  • Mold remediation. Pays for mold remediation up to a certain amount.
  • Replacement cost-dwelling. Pays replacement cost after you replace or repair your property.
  • Replacement cost-personal property. Pays replacement cost after you repair or replace your property.
  • Water damage from a heating, plumbing or air conditioning system. Pays for sudden and accidental water damage. Most policies do not provide coverage for continuous and repeated water damage.

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

If you have assets to protect and you want more liability coverage than a homeowners policy provides, you should buy a separate umbrella policy. Make sure your insurance agent fully explains the coverage because policies may be different from company to company.

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