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Texas Home Insurance Trampolines

Before you buy a trampoline, here are some facts you should know about Texas home insurance trampolines.

1. Trampolines are dangerous.

Insurance companies do not want to insure a homeowner that owns a trampoline, because they are dangerous.  If you own one, you should consider getting rid of it.  They are extremely dangerous.  Look up trampoline injuries on the internet.  Most injuries include broken teeth, broken bones (repaired w/ pins and plates).  These are major and very expensive injuries. Some injuries also include fractured spines, fractured coccyx, paralyzation, even death.    There is a reason insurers won’t insure people with trampolines, they have HIGH claims payouts.

Texas Home Insurance - No Trampolines

A trampoline is just an accident waiting to happen. It’s not “if”… it’s “when.”

2. Trampolines may not be covered under your Texas Home Insurance

Coverage depends on what state you live in.  It also depends on which company insures your home.  Most companies in Texas will not insure you if you own a trampoline.  Or they will cancel or non-renew your home insurance when they find out that you have one.  And when you purcase home insurance,  without disclosing the trampoline, if something does happen and you file a claim related to the trampoline, the insurance company will most likely cancel your policy once the claim has been settled unless it’s something that is covered.  If any member of your household gets injured on the trampoline, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover it.

The best way to find out if trampoline injuries are covered on your policy and whether their will be a premium increase or cancellation,  is to contact your carrier or agent.  Whatever they tell you, you should confirm their statements in writing just in case it is ever an issue in the future.

3. Why would a Trampline affect your rates?

Basically the insurance companies do not want to cover potentially dangerous risks around your home.  It’s a liability issue.   Since trampoline injuries are a common reasons for emergency room visits in the US, you can see why some companies would shy away from this type of coverage.  Trampolines are the second highest claim cause, and the highest claim dollars paid out.

If you cannot afford your insurance premium because you have a trampoline, you may want to consider removing it from your property.

4. Legal issues regarding trampolines.

If you decide to get one — we would recommend not letting anyone, who is not a resident of your household, use it.

When they use it and get hurt, they could sue you. You can be held responsible for their injuries (especially minor children). If you want to let others use it, I’d recommend you see a lawyer.  Pay him to draw up a waiver and have the person who wants to use the trampoline sign the waiver. If a minor wants to use the trampoline, have both of their parents sign the waiver. Then keep the waivers on file.  The waiver might help if you get sued when a person hurts themselves, but there is no guarantee. A lawyer can tell you better if this would help.

Even if you have all of the waivers signed by people you KNOW will be jumping, it is an attractive nuisence, meaning, even if you are not home & post no trespassing signs, if someone trespasses & jumps & gets hurt, you are 100% liable.  You have no defense. If you do not tell an insurance company about the trampoline & you have a claim (any claim – doesn’t have to be trampoline related, coverage will most likely be denied & your policy voided for material misrepresentation. )   If someone is injured while using your trampoline,  it  could be financially devastating.

Insurance companies simply consider trampolines too high of a liabilty risk.  Your own kids would not be covered anyway, it’s the other kid’s parents who will sue you.   So, tell your kids it is dangerous & get rid of it.

5. Compare Texas Home Insurance rates before you buy a Trampoline.

If you own a home with a trampoline, you will most likely pay more money for your insurance.  Or you may find out that your insurance policy has a trampoline exclusion and will not pay for any injuries resulting from a trampoline. You need to make sure you discuss this with your insurance agent when you are shopping around for home insurance policy.

If you do not already own one, you may want to check with your current company to see if it will be covered and then shop around to see if it’s worth it. After doing the research, if you have a trampoline or still want to purchase one, Austin Insurance Group represents companies that will provide home insurance for homeowners who own a trampoline.

Make sure you understand your insurance policy and all of the items that are covered.

Our Advice:

Do not own one, unless you want to open yourself to the law suit when someone takes a bad bounce (and no, the nets won’t prevent these injuries,) The fact that the home insurance companies do not want to insure you, if you have a trampoline, should be a tip off.

However, if you have a trampoline and do not want to remove it, make sure you have a net around the trampoline and even a fence to keep out uninvited neighborhood children.

Call Austin Insurance Group for a free quote.  The last thing you need is a lawsuit from the neighbor, and then you find out that your insurance won’t pay.

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