Progressive Deductible Savings Benefit

Progressive Deductible Savings Benefit

Did you know that our Progressive Deductible Savings Benefit can help you save on out-of-pocket claim costs on your auto insurance deductible savings account?

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Who can enroll

To enroll in the Deductible Savings Bank, a customer must have both:

  • Collision and Comprehensive coverages on at least one vehicle, and
  • $495 Deductible on all vehicles

How it Works

When a customer stays accident- and violation-free, he or she will earn a $50 “deposit” in the Deductible Savings Bank. For each accident- and violation-free policy period, we’ll deposit another $50.

  • The savings can help offset the cost of future Comprehensive or Collision deductible costs.
  • The balance in the Deductible Savings Bank will be communicated at each policy renewal.

Payment for a Claim

If Progressive makes a payment for a claim under Comprehensive coverage or Collision coverage for any vehicle, then the applicable deductible will be reduced by the amount in the Deductible Savings Bank.

All additional claims that we pay under Comprehensive coverage and Collision coverage during the same policy period will be subject to the same reduced deductible.

At the next renewal, the balance in the Deductible Savings Bank will be reduced by the amount applied to all auto insurance deductible savings during the previous policy period.

How to Get Started

Call our office to find out how much it will cost to add it to your existing policy or with any other questions or concerns. (512)339-2900

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