Travis County Application for Residence Homestead Exemption

Travis County Homestead Exemption for School Tax Freeze

The homestead tax ceiling is a limit on the amount of school taxes you must pay on your residence. When you qualify your home for an Over-65 or Disabled Person Homestead Exemption, the school taxes on that home will not increase as long as the exemption is in place. The tax ceiling freezes your school taxes at the amount you pay in the year that you qualify for the exemption.

AGE 65 OR OLDER EXEMPTION (Tax Code §11.13(c), (d)): You may qualify for this exemption if you are 65 years of age or older. You cannot receive a disability exemption if you receive this exemption.

SURVIVING SPOUSE OF INDIVIDUAL WHO QUALIFIED FOR AGE 65 OR OLDER EXEMPTION UNDER TAX CODE §11.13(d) (Tax Code §11.13(q)): You may qualify for this exemption if: (1) your deceased spouse died in a year in which he or she qualified for the exemption under Tax Code §11.13(d); (2) you were 55 years of age or older when your deceased spouse died; and (3) the property was your residence homestead when your deceased spouse died and remains your residence homestead. You can’t receive this exemption if you receive an exemption under Tax Code §11.13(d).

Travis County Homestead Exemption Application 

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