Need Insurance Uber Drivers? Lyft Drivers?

Need Insurance Uber Drivers? Lyft Drivers?

We now provide coverage through Progressive and Mercury.  RideShare drivers need to understand the risks and insurance limits in Texas and buy adequate coverage.

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Most insurance companies will not insure you on a personal insurance policy when you are using your vehicle for commercial purposes, especially “for hire” when you are carrying other passengers for money. And even though your rideshare program, like Uber or Lyft covers you when you have passengers, your personal insurance carrier may not cover you at all, and when they discover you are part of a Rideshare program, they may drop you.

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If your current carrier will not insure you, we can.  Over the past few months, however, several major carriers have begun offering policies to rideshare drivers. We can now insure you with Progressive on one of their commercial policies. Call for a quote 1-512-339-2901.

Changing insurance may not be a simple matter, since many of us have multiple policies homes, other cars, etc.  We’ll do our best to make it as easy of a process as possible.  And can provide quotes for all of your insurance needs to make sure you find the best plan, best price and take advantage of all of the discounts available.

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