Who Reports to TexasSure?

Who Reports to TexasSure?

In Texas, 1 in 5 vehicles are not insured, now we know who they are.  TexasSure is a vehicle verification program that gives law enforcement officers immediate access to see if you are driving without insurance.

TexasSure Vehicle Insurance Verification

What is TexasSure?

  • It’s a Database that connects every registered vehicle in Texas by it’s vehicle identification number (VIN), license plate and liability insurance policy.
  • It was created to reduce the number of uninsured drivers.

Who reports to TexasSure?

  • Your insurance carrier
  • Every time you start a policy, or your policy gets cancelled, it gets reported.
  • When you get insurance, you are good to go.  When you let it cancel, watch out.

In Texas, 20% of the vehicles on our roads have no insurance coverage. Almost 1 in every 5 trucks and car.  Insured Texans are paying an estimated $1 billion annually in uninsured motorist coverage just to protect themselves against uninsured and underinsured motorists.

Are you driving without insurance?


This program will help to put an end to:

  • Uninsured motorists
  • Fraudulent ID cards
  • Drivers dropping coverage after receiving a valid insurance card


For a quote:

  • Call local agent Austin Insurance Group
  • 512-339-2901
  • It’s a quick quote
  • Easy to sign up.

For more information visit www.texassure.com