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We’ve expanded bill plans and updated rates.

More bill options – We have more bill plan options to help you.

  • Our installment bill plans are back–we’re lifting bill plan restrictions for all For-Hire Transportation risks.
  • Find out about our new seasonal bill plans. You can pay monthly up front and leave the remaining months bill-free.
  • New electronic funds transfer (EFT) bill plans.

Physical Damage Only (PDO) coverage returns We are now accepting PDO policies in our For-Hire Transportation program. Our PDO coverage is perfect for seasonal businesses that store vehicles for prolonged periods. This coverage is sold as an endorsement to our Truck and Tow policies rather than as a separate policy, saving you time and money and closing potential gaps in coverage.

NOTE: PDO risks that have a filing with another insurance carrier and two or more Vehicle or Driver Out of Service violations in the prior 24 months are not eligible.

We recently lowered rates on farmers, landscapers, wholesale trades and contractors Including the follwoing Texas businesses:

  • Artisan contractors
  • Farmers
  • Landscapers
  • Wholesale trades
  • Hotel shuttle services
  • And more

Get more details today – contact our commercial sales representative:

  • Austin Office: Crystal Perez (512)339-2901 (espanol/english)
  • Cedar Park Office: Mike Torabi (512)250-1660
  • The rest of Texas: Jennifer Boes (512)339-2900

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