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Health Insurance Plans from United Health One Insurance

Shopping for health insurance can be difficult. Keep it simple. Find a personal health insurance plan that fits your budget and meets your needs from UnitedHealthOne Insurance. From the familiarity of a copay plan to a tax-advantaged Health Savings Account, we help you match a health plan to your situation.

Need Health Insurance with a Copay for Yourself or Your Family?

We Can Guide You in Selecting Copay Health Insurance You Can Afford.

A copay plan is similar to many employer plans with a set copay for routine health care expenses. A UnitedHealthOneSM copay plan can help you better budget for your family’s health care. When you or a family member has an office visit at a network provider, you’ll pay the copayment and we’ll pay 100% of any remaining history and exam fees.

In addition, copay plans offer prescription drug coverage.

Who might benefit most from a copay health insurance plan?

  • Anyone who prefers the ease of copay benefits for minor or routine health care expenses.
  • Families with young children who have regular doctor office visits.
  • Anyone who visits the doctor often.
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