Financial Responsibility Verification System – FRVP

Financial Responsibility Verification System – FRVP

The Texas Department of Insurance launched the pilot program of the Financial Responsibility Verification System by mid February.  Initially, only Travis county police officers will have access to the system.  If you are not insured, you need to be. 25% of the vehicles being driven on Texas roads today are uninsured.  And now DPS knows who you are. Get Insurance today!

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Some studies are as high as 60% in areas such as San Antonio and El Paso.

In 2005, the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1670, requiring the Financial Responsibility Verification System (FRVP)  to be implemented. 

The FRVP is a database of all active personal automobile insurance policies in Texas.  Every insurer has been required to report their active policy records to the state as of last June.


Are Proof of Insurance Cards still required? 

Lt. Sanchez of the Travis County Department of Public Safety clarified vehicle operators are still required by law to carry proof of insurance cards.

What about the what ifs?

During the pilot program, officers have been instructed to first check the FRVP to see if insurance coverage is confirmed.  If it comes back unconfirmed, but the vehicle operator can provide a proof of insurance card. The officer will then make an attempt to verify whether the card is valid.

This may be done at the time of the traffic stop or after the officer returns to the station. “If the officer has a cell phone, he most likely will attempt to contact the agent or insurance company listed on the insurance card to verify if the card is valid.” Lt. Sanchez explained, “it is our main goal though, after the pilot program is complete, to rely solely on the FRVP system.”

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Financial Responsibility Verification System