Texas Interstate Truck Filings

Texas Interstate Truck Filings

Get Business Insurance Quote with E FilingTexas Interstate Truck Filings E Forms and moreIf your business is required to have a Texas Interstate Truck Filing or State filing form, we can help you.  Here is a list of the Texas Interstate Truck Filings required by the Texas Department of Transportation. TxDot.  Have your state filing number available when you call for a quote. (Apply for TXDMV number here). Local office, Austin Insurance Group, 9705 Burnet Rd #314, Austin, Texas 78758. Call today 512-339-2901.


Form E Filing

A Form E filing certifies that your Liability insurance complies with your state’s financial responsibility laws. Form E is submitted to TxDot.

Form F

Form F filing is an endorsement to your policy that conforms it the the Texas financial responsibility laws.

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Form H Filing

A Form H filing guarantees that you have sufficient Cargo Liability insurance and is submitted to TxDot.

(A Form H filing is not available in all states and situations.)

Form K Filing

A Form K filing is used to cancel a previous state filing and is submitted to the state agency that regulates motor carrier financial responsibility in your business’ home state.

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Effective January 17, 2015, TxPROS will no longer offer Temporary Permits (registration). TxDMV’s new online temporary permit system allows temporary permits to be ordered or visit one of the TxDMV Regional Service Centers. To access the new system or for more information, click on this link or visit our Temporary Permit page.

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Texas Commercial Auto Filing Form MCS-90

Auto Filing Form MCS-90

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The Texas Commercial Auto Filing Form MCS-90 is an endorsement that must be attached to Liability insurance and Cargo Liability insurance policies if you are required to have a federal filing in the State of Texas. The MCS-90 endorsement guarantees the minimum required protection for members of the public who are involved in accidents that you are legally responsible for.

The MCS-90 is not filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The BMC-91 or BMC-91X filing is submitted to the FMCSA as certification that the MCS-90 endorsement has been issued.

Unified Carrier Registration Filings, the UCR (Uniform Carrier Registration) Plan replaced the SSR (Single State Registration System) September 2007. It simplified the payment of multiple state fees by allowing private motor carriers and for-hires, brokers, leasing companies and freight forwarders to submit their financial responsibility information and a registration fee to a single state.

Under the UCR Plan, motor carriers conducting interstate operations must be registered in a base state. Your base state is the state in which the largest number of your vehicles operate during the year.

If your base state is one of the participating states, you must register in that state. Exempt and private  who were not required to register under the SSR must register in a base state under the UCR Plan.

The registration fee paid to your base state will be shared between all the states in which you operate.

The UCR Plan does not affect a state’s regulation of intrastate trucking within that state, including its motor carrier financial responsibility laws for intrastate trucking.

Texas does participate in the UCR Plan.  If you are based in another state, states that participate in the UCR Plan can change over time. Call 1-888-806-9598 for help determining if your base state participates in the UCR Plan and to learn more about state truck filings.

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