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How does my car affect my Insurance Rates?

4 Reasons Your Car Makes Your Insurance Cost More

  1. Likelihood the vehicle will be stolen or vandalized.
  2. Cost to Repair the vehicle after collision. Significant safety features may protect a driver and passengers better, but the more safety features a car has, the more it costs to repair.
  3. Amount of injury or damage the vehicle can cause to others.  For instance a light car may not protect the driver or passengers as well as a heavier car in an accident.  Resulting in more injury claims.
  4. Likelihood people inside the vehicle will be injured in an accident.

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10 hours. That’s how long (on average) people spend doing research before buying a new car, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive.

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How does my car affect my insurance rate?

While you probably won’t choose a car solely based on how much it costs to insure, knowing this might help you make the final call.

(Tip: The only way to really be confident in your insurance costs, get quotes for each of the vehicles you are considering to find which one will be the least expensive to insure.)

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