Auto Fire Damage. Does my auto insurance policy cover this?

Auto Fire Damage

Unfortunately, auto fire damage occurs more often than you might think.

To find out how your auto coverage applies in the case of auto fire damage, review your auto insurance coverage summary—which you can usually access online. Most insurers include coverage for car fire damage with your comprehensive coverage, which pays for vehicle damage that’s caused by something other than a collision less your deductible.

If you do have a vehicle that has been damaged by fire, and you have comprehensive coverage, contact your insurer immediately to report your claim. Your insurer will assess the damage and will help you rent a car, if your policy includes rental reimbursement coverage.   Make sure you know the amount of your deductible—what you pay out of pocket when you have a claim—and whether there are any additional costs. Your insurer can recommend a quality body shop for your repairs.

What to Do After Your Vehicle is Damaged by a Fire

If fire damages your vehicle, you should report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible.

To get the process started have the following information available:

  • Contact information for any emergency agency that responded to the fire — If you are able to obtain a copy of the fire report, please have it available as well.
  • Information on injuries caused by the fire, or other damaged vehicles or property.
  • Information on recent repairs performed on the damaged vehicle.
  • A description of the damaged vehicle, including mileage, options, and upgrades.
  • A list of personal property damaged in the fire. Coverage for personal items varies from state to state, and your homeowners or renters insurance policy may provide additional coverage for personal items destroyed in the fire.  If you do not have home or renters insurance, you can obtain a quote now.
  • Please include any finance or leasing company contact information and your account number, if applicable.

During the process of filing your claim, your claims examiner may require additional information regarding the damaged vehicle, such as:

  • Certificate of Title for the vehicle.
  • Service records and receipts.
  • Receipts for any upgrades or custom items installed in the damaged vehicle*.

If the damaged vehicle is financed or leased, make sure to report the fire to your finance or leasing company. To expedite your claim’s process, inform your finance or leasing company to discuss the case directly with your insurance company.

You may also be provided with a rental vehicle if you have rental coverage. Contact your claims examiner for more detailed information.

* Coverage for upgrades and custom items may be limited — your claims examiner can provide you with more information.

If you do not have comprehensive coverage but would like to know the cost for adding it to your insurance policy, by clicking this button you can start an instant quote with Progressive Insurance.

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