Why Choose a local independent insurance agent?

Why Choose a local independent insurance agent?

Buying insurance can be confusing.  Finding the right local independent insurance agent will help.  Did you know that most online insurance websites, are simply capturing your information and selling it to the highest bidder?   And when you talk to someone, you may not even be talking to an agent who even lives in your state. You should choose a local independent insurance agent because your coverage matters.

Local Independent Insurance Agent

When you go shopping for something complex and important, where do you like to buy?

  • From a person who sells only one brand?
  • From a telephone representative who sells only one brand?
  • From a knowledgeable expert in your local community who understands and sells many different brands, and can help you find the best combination of price and value for your individual needs?
Many people don’t realize there are big differences in insurance agencies. When they buy insurance, they are choosing one of these three options.
Captive Insurance Agents work for just one company and sell only one brand. Telephone Representatives do the same, and sell “at a distance” over the telephone. You will never speak to the same person twice. Independent Insurance Agents are vested members of your local community. They represent an average of eight different insurance companies. They can compare the coverages and prices offered by these firms to find you the best possible value – the best combination of coverage and price for your individual circumstances. They do business face-to-face and are there for you, as your advocate, in time of need.

If you are simply looking for cheap insurance with the minimum coverage required by your state, most people can make an educated purchase, start to finish, on the Web or by phone from a direct insurance provider.  But if you are looking for real value, even after extensive Web research, many people will still benefit from the services of an independent insurance agent, one with experience in your state’s issues.

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How do you find a local independent insurance agent? 

  1. Do a local search.
  2. Look at the address on their website. (If you can find one.)
  3. Ask!

Why is it important to have a local independent insurance agent?

  • When you buy a policy through a local insurance agent, you get all the necessary information to make an informed decision.  As an independent agent, we have the Freedom of Choice, and can work with you to put together a plan that suits both your needs and your budget. We provide excellent service and competitive prices because we compare insurance coverage from different insurance companies. A local agent will gather the right information and help you to choose the right coverage to protect you, your family and your assets.  You get a choice of insurance plans and programs. Even for auto insurance, a local agent can provide you with other important information like collision deductibles, gap insurance and more, so that you can make informed choices to meet your budget and your needs.   As your life situation changes, so do your insurance needs. “When your car is over 10 years old, is it still worth paying for full coverage? Or what should you do when your 16 year old starts to drive?”
  • If you buy your policy online, then you will have to deal with the insurance company directly during the claim process without any help from your local agent, because you won’t have one. Most people looking for a insurance policy online will never think about having a claim.   But when you do, an effective local agent can be worth their weight in gold and can be an invaluable guide when dealing with the insurance companies. If there is ever a problem, you’re going to want a local agent who is there to help. We are your advocate in the event of a claim.  Of course, it always depends on the circumstances, the agent, and to some extent, the way the company handles claims.
  • You can save a great deal of money by opting for a good local independent insurance agent.  A general misconception about insurance is that going with a local agent will cost you more but that’s not correct.   Some companies do offer a discount for the first few months, however it robs you of all the benefits associated with having a good insurance agent and when your policy renews, you will be paying the same for NOT having an agent, as you would if you chose a local agent to start with.   In the long run, going with a good local independent agent will save you money.
  • As an independent insurance agent, we represent a number of insurance companies.  We can more objectively weigh pluses and minuses across many companies and compare several policies to help you choose the plan that’s right for you.  And unlike other agents, we not beholden to any one company. So, you don’t need to change agencies as your insurance and service needs change. This will save you money and provide better coverage.   We will find the best combination of price, coverage and service.

Ultimately, however, it comes down to personal preference.  But it goes without saying that a “good” local insurance professional will actually take time to explain the coverages and policies that might suit you. In fact,

“Do you really want an insurance policy that only takes you 6 minutes to buy?”
Insurance rates and policy provisions are set and regulated by the state.  So why not have an agent, especially if it’s not going to cost you more, who can provide important tips and information on all of the discounts available.

Staying local and having an agent that cares if you are properly insured and getting the best value possible is the only way to go.

With substandard insurance agents throughout the country, finding a good local independent insurance agent might be difficult. If you live in Texas, call Austin Insurance Group 1-512-339-2901 today or start an online quote, with a local agent.

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Austin Insurance Group offers one-stop shopping for a full range of products-home, renters, auto, business, life, health and retirement plans.

  • We periodically review your coverage to keep up with your changing insurance needs.
  • We are committed to customer satisfaction because it’s the key to an independent agent’s livelihood.
  • We treat you like a person, not just a number.
  • We are a licensed professional with strong customer and community ties.

There is a difference!