Medicare Advantage Insurance for Seniors

Austin Insurance Group offers several services for retired persons aged 65 and over as well as guaranteed plans for those who have been diagnosed with pre-existing conditions. If you spend large sums of money on out of pocket medical expenses you can benefit from one of our Medicare Plans and enjoy substantial savings. Tackling Medicare issues can be as daunting as dealing with the tax office, negotiating with the IRS, or signing up for Obamacare – you don’t want to try it alone.  Austin Insurance Group can help and we know how to get it done. We represent the top insurance companies in the industry including Humana, UnitedHealth and Cigna AND if you are over the age of 66, we offer a plan with BlueCross BlueShield that is extremely competitive with one of the best rates in the market. You can choose different ways to get your coverage: 1. Original Medicare (with a supplement/Medigap plan) 2. Medicare Advantage Plan

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Strict Deadlines: The Cost of Waiting

There are constant changes in the Medicare system that, unless you are studying it all the time, you may get confused.  Filing claims, changing your plan, or simply turning 65 can be loaded with peril.  And if you don’t apply once you turn 65, you could face penalties.   Every day we help clients to navigate the Medicare coverages. We are Medicare Certification requirement set by the Texas Department of Insurance. What that means to you is that, along with our many years of experience, we know the secrets to helping you soar through this maze painlessly.  Remember, we are dedicated to guarding your lifestyle.

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